Brothers Chris and Josh Haynes have been making music for the better part of 20 years, previously under the name XD Out. With TORN SKY the brothers are back with a new batch of songs, a new sound, and renewed energy for songwriting and love of new instruments!


Vocals, bass, drums / Chris Haynes
Guitar, Banjo / Josh Haynes





Torn Sky Album.jpg

Torn Sky

by Torn Sky

All Songs Copyright Torn Sky 2019

Recorded at SI Studios

Mixed by Joe “Wiggy” Wegleski, Mastering by Tom Borthwick


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Mixing session for new songs, 3000 miles away!!!

Previous Releases

Released 2017

Released 2017

Better Day

Better Day is an an album full of guitar driven rock songs full of ear catching hooks. It's highlighted by thunderous drums, and tight vocals reminiscent of Alice in Chains that share of message of hope in a faith beyond this world.

Released 2003

Released 2003


The second hard rocking release that explores a new level of sounds featuring heavy guitars, resounding drums, and intriguing strong vocals which paints musical canvass for a message of hope.

Released 2001

Released 2001


Debut self-titled album from Pennsylvania songwriting duo Chris and Josh Haynes featuring guitar driven rock with a focus of hope through faith in Christ, with a hint of Alice in Chains vocals...